About this site

As our family expanded I decided to sell off our old Discovery TD5 and  purchased a Sprinter “dually” which we are now converting into a camper van for our family. Staggeringly our 2.1 Sprinter achieves the same MPG as the old Land Rover, whilst we miss the bug armchair comfort of the 4×4 there’s a distinct advantage to travelling with a storage garage, toilet, kitchen, fridge, dining room and bedroom on wheels when you have young kids!

Our van started its life as a Staffordshire police carrier; now retired from active service, and sadly having had most of the fun toys removed from it, I am busy converting it into a custom camper van for family weekends and days away. As I’m doing almost all of the work myself I’ve spent a lot of time researching and looking for answers to questions I needed answers to.

So why this website? Well I thought I’d document what we’ve got up to and also any gotchas along the way. I found so many useful websites covering RV and camper conversions I felt I ought to start documenting our own journey.

If you are looking for help with your own Sprinter van I really have to rate the guys over at the Sprinter Source forums, answers to just about anything can be found there and the members are very friendly.