Garmin Zumo 660

The Zumo 660 is a tough environment “proof” car and motorbike GPS device. The battery is removeable, it takes a micro sd card for expansion and has a built in speaker as well as Bluetooth capability. When bought new it comes with a car and motorbike mount in the box. Now about ten years old this stalwart of the GPS world still holds its value due to its desirability. If you’re adding it to a motorbike, you’ll naturally want the v2 Touratech lockable mount. Here’s a review of the unit back from 2008!

There’s a few variations on Garmin’s bullet proof GPS device. These include the 665 and 660 LTM (lifetime maps). the LTM is most sought after due to the free updates to the maps. That said, even if you don’t have a lifetime map version you can grab the latest Streetmap version for free. There’s a complete guide on how to do this here. Essentially you need to pop over to the Garmin specific Openstreetmap page and follow the simple download guide.

I also have a bunch of tools I’ve downloaded to help repair and maintain these GPS devices which I’ll add to my download collection here for everyone whne I get a moment!


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