Just a few more build projects to follow

Not sure if anyone else subscribes to build projects on YouTube and the like, but there’s loads of awesome channels on there with families documenting their conversions and self builds. Just a few I’ve come across:

The Vast Way, they are about 16 videos in to their conversion and currently working on their upper storage cabinets:

VanTastic Travelling have taken deliver of their project van and are looking forward to travelling:

Mathers on the Map have documented their entire build and now given a walkthrough tour of their completed build to New Jersey Adventures:

There’s plenty of inspiration on there and my hats off to those that have time to film their builds and then produce decent footage for everyone to watch. I firmly believe that a 20 minute video of me climbing under a van and swearing at it deciding where to cut through the chassis to run an outlet pipe really wouldn’t interest many people! Next year in the warm I get to finish our build and replace the leisure battery that exploded this year. For some reason it cooked off loosing internal fluid and then finally went bang under the van. At least it was underneath when it went. Another good reason to have it slung underneath the chassis.