A few more reference files, and buy a coffee link added!

So I’ve added a couple of new PDFs that have been donated to the archive, these links should work and they are also on the reference link:

 NAG 722.6 Transmission information.pdf                                                 2020-10-19 18:52  6.9M  Adobe Portable Document Format
 T1N ground points.pdf                                                                  2020-10-19 18:52  124K  Adobe Portable Document Format

I do not own or have any copyright entitlements to the reference materials I get sent, I am merely keeping an archive for other adding T1N owners and camper conversions. I was somewhat distracted building a cabin for the family this year but next year I have a camper project to complete.

If you find the material useful and this site feel free to buy us a coffee. I’m not here to make a profit but if I can cover the domain registration fees then that certainly helps! There’s no onus on anyone to use the link or buy a coffee but it’s there after a couple of requests.

More files and advice on condensation

I have uploaded some more donated files to the reference section (thank you kind donators!).

Also as it is now that time of year and getting colder here is some good advice from ExploreVanUk on condensation and how to combat it.