Just a few more build projects to follow

Not sure if anyone else subscribes to build projects on YouTube and the like, but there’s loads of awesome channels on there with families documenting their conversions and self builds. Just a few I’ve come across:

The Vast Way, they are about 16 videos in to their conversion and currently working on their upper storage cabinets:

VanTastic Travelling have taken deliver of their project van and are looking forward to travelling:

Mathers on the Map have documented their entire build and now given a walkthrough tour of their completed build to New Jersey Adventures:

There’s plenty of inspiration on there and my hats off to those that have time to film their builds and then produce decent footage for everyone to watch. I firmly believe that a 20 minute video of me climbing under a van and swearing at it deciding where to cut through the chassis to run an outlet pipe really wouldn’t interest many people! Next year in the warm I get to finish our build and replace the leisure battery that exploded this year. For some reason it cooked off loosing internal fluid and then finally went bang under the van. At least it was underneath when it went. Another good reason to have it slung underneath the chassis.

Building your own batteries?

It is possible to build your own lithium ion phosphate batteries. The advantages are you can build to the size you have and beat the cost of off the shelf batteries. Yes it does require a bit of skill when it comes to electronics but it is possible. Check out this awesome YouTube video guide:

More files and advice on condensation

I have uploaded some more donated files to the reference section (thank you kind donators!).

Also as it is now that time of year and getting colder here is some good advice from ExploreVanUk on condensation and how to combat it.

Cabbunk in a Sprinter

We have one in ours and highly recommend them. It folds up and makes a great bunk bed over the captain’s chairs for the kids.

The Campervan Builder: Truma Ultrastore install

So next year will be the year we finish our van (that’s the plan). In the meantime I’ve been loitering on Facebook Sprinter build groups and came across a builder who’s adding videos to his channel as he goes. This week’s video is the installation of the Truma water heater.

Have a look and like and subscribe if you like his work:

In this video, I fit a Truma Ultrastore 10l water heater in a campervan conversion (See links below for items used). The Truma Ultrastore is a 10l water heater which is designed for campervans and caravans. The Truma ultrastore is fitted next to an external wall of the campervan so the flue can be fitted through the wall to ensure all combustion fumes are pushed out of the van for safety. The Truma ultrastore is connected to the campervan water system via John Guest semi-rigid pipe and using John Guest speed fittings. The water is fed from a Shurflo water pump via a Fiamma water accumulator to ensure a smooth flow of water. Once the Truma Ultrastore is fitted, the water is given a test fire and lovely warm water is now available in the van.

Anker – Waterproof Phone Pouch, a review

Anker are my favourite brand for portable batteries and cables but they are broadening their horizons. They now sell waterproof bags, which are perfect for going on the motorbike or keeping kit dry on a day out in the van.

For 9.99UKP at the moment on amazon you get two in the box each of which include a lanyard.

The specs from them are listed as :

  • Waterproof: IPX8 rating offers complete waterproof protection in a wide range of environments. Keep your phone dry in 32 ft of water and shield against mud, dust, or even snow.
  • Effortless Use: High-clarity, ultra-sensitive PVC offers seamless use of your phone’s touchscreen and camera-even underwater.
  • Lock and Go: Simple snap and lock mechanism seals pouch securely to protect your phone, while neck strap offers convenient carrying.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to hold smartphones measuring up to 6 inches. Remove phone case for a better fit.
  • What’s In The Box: Anker Waterproof Phone Pouch x2, Neck Strap x2, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

I found that the neck of the bag has a usable maximum width of around 9cm, although that depend son the thickness of what you want to put in it. It’ll easily fit a small to medium smartphone and the plastic allows you to control your phone through the side of the bag.

To use the bag there are two rotating clips at the top that allow you to undo the two black plastic pegs at the top of the bag that when closed up tight compress the bag top together and keep it waterproof.

I’ve found it handy on the motorbike to keep my essential kit waterproof in the current bad weather. I’m not sure how long the plastic clips at the top will last however given you get two in the box and the price these will certainly last a season.

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