A few more reference files, and buy a coffee link added!

So I’ve added a couple of new PDFs that have been donated to the archive, these links should work and they are also on the reference link:

 NAG 722.6 Transmission information.pdf                                                 2020-10-19 18:52  6.9M  Adobe Portable Document Format
 T1N ground points.pdf                                                                  2020-10-19 18:52  124K  Adobe Portable Document Format

I do not own or have any copyright entitlements to the reference materials I get sent, I am merely keeping an archive for other adding T1N owners and camper conversions. I was somewhat distracted building a cabin for the family this year but next year I have a camper project to complete.

If you find the material useful and this site feel free to buy us a coffee. I’m not here to make a profit but if I can cover the domain registration fees then that certainly helps! There’s no onus on anyone to use the link or buy a coffee but it’s there after a couple of requests.

Summer is here, lets get cracking!

The summer is here so it’s time to get on with the Sprinter build. Lots to do, a lots of cabinets to build, main wiring, gas and hot water to set up as well. Sadly the spare 200Ah battery that was going to double our leisure capacity died over the winter due to my failed attempts to trickle charge it prior to install as it sat in the garage. I’ve now picked up a decent 20A Ring charger now. My fault, never should have trusted a low ampage charger to look after a huge truck battery!

On a separate note, picked up a book by the name of Van Life by foster Huntingdon in a local shop and was rather suprised to see it had an entire Sprinter section and additions there from blogs I’ve sen and keep an eye on.

The solar panels have kept the batteries charged on the van all winter and the fridge has held up to the repairs made to it prior to it’s install. So it’s not all bad news. Thanks go out to the forums dwelllers for the updated material that I’ve added to the reference section as well. It’s dead easy to find the new material as you can sort the documentation by date.

Adding to the resources

So a couple of things that I will be adding to the pages will be some Garmin Zumo 660/665 reference material and also some material for the BMW F650GS motorbike. Why? Well these are all bits of kit that we’ve acquired and form part of our travel package.

Whilst Google Maps, Waze and iPhone solutions are all brilliant, nothing really beats a functional sat nav that just works, doesn’t need a phone signal and is waterproof. the Zumo 660 is bullet proof, waterproof and works equally well on a motorbike or in a van. Handily I’ve learnt how to refurbish these nav units and know my way around the software for them. I plan to dump my brain onto a sub section here so that I don’t have to remember too much myself!

Secondly the BMW F650GS, it’s a lumpy single cylinder “do anything” baby GS. It’s relatively easy to fix at the roadside and can easily be attached across the back of our Sprinter on a standard motorbike carry harness. I’ve collated several links and places that I refer to, and again I’ll be adding the contents of my  brain here as I go.